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Spring is upon us with apple and pear trees in full bloom.

The recent winds have tumbled down pink tulip petals which are strewn across the white apple petals creating a patchwork on the green grass.  

Hummingbirds wisk around visiting scented geranium flowers and visit the petunias open throats... then dart up to a bare branch to rest. 

The goldfinches steal dandelion seeds while chickadees fuss over the sunflower seeds in the feeders.

 Crisp mints spring forth and the comfrey flower bells dance in the breeze while bumblebees hang on... 

The wisteria flowers drop down like huge bunches of grapes from the rod support like drapery valences while the fragrance from nearby lilacs and stock mingle.

 The spanish (stoechas) lavenders are in bloom dancing in the breeze while zonal pink geraniums are basking in the dappled sunlight between showers.

 Time for a cup of mint tea! Wink 

Available this month: - Currently Closed for the Season - See you in 2015!

 2014 New Items Laughing
Seed Potatoes: Yukon Gold, Red Potatoes, and a late Yukon Gold... German Butterball! (Perfect for Mashed Spuds)
Medicinals: Ginsing, Goldenseal, Blue Cohosh Twin Leaf
  Phenomenal  NEW in 2013 - Endorsed by Better Homes & Gardens!
  Silver Sands
Graves (Heirloom)
  Bowles (Heirloom)
Regal Splendor
Ashdown Forest
Royal Purple
Seal 7 Oakes (Angustifolia Heirloom)

Come enjoy our 17 acre farm in the beautiful Willamette Valley.


Dutch Mill Herb Farm - Where we cultivate good taste!* 6640 Northwest Marsh Road * Forest Grove * Oregon * 97116 Phone: (503-357-0924)

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